About us

Ewalco was founded in 1980. Since then, we have built up the business and become a strong and reliable partner. We supply the Swedish food and animal feed industry with raw and other ingredients

We are continually expanding our operations to include new partners and extra product groups, ensuring we diversify and improve the service we offer. We work very closely with our partners' product development departments and always create cost-effective solutions which meet our customers' requirements.

Ewalco has a well developed network of contacts across Europe and other parts of the world. We have daily contact with customers and suppliers overseas as well as on the Swedish market, ensuring that we always know where to find the right suppliers and products to satisfy our customers' specific requirements.

Ewalco has years of experience, extensive expertise and respect for industry procedures. We have our own storage facilities in Sweden and good logistical planning in place for the long term. We see ourselves as an active partner in our customers' production and product development and are pleased to offer efficient logistics solutions.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Business concept

Working both with our partners and on our own, we aim to develop, market and sell products to customers in the food, feed and nutrition industries in Sweden and overseas.

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